Tilden Roofing has been Chicagoland’s premier roofing company for over 45 years.

We make the process of having a new roof installed extremely simple. The first and most important step is to submit our short free estimate form. After that step, we do the rest!

Look below to see just how simple it is to have Tilden Roofing install your new roof.

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Step 1. Fill out and submit the free estimate form.

Step 2. Keith Tilden will come out to evaluate and estimate your job; you don’t need to be home.

If you would like to meet with Keith for this estimate, we will schedule a time that is convenient for you.

Step 3. A formal proposal will be sent to you.

When filling out the free estimate form, please choose your preferred method of delivery: Email, Fax or Mail.

Step 4. If you would like to accept our proposal, circle the options you would like, sign and return the proposal.

After receiving it, your job will be put on the schedule. For certain roofing products you will need to select a color. Please call the office at 630-834-4325 for assistance with this selection.

Step 5. A licensed and bonded crew will perform the installation and clean up of the job.

Sit back, relax and enjoy your beautiful new roof.

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